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30ml Hand Pump For 5 Litre Containers


Simplify your syrup dispensing with our 30ml Hand Pump, meticulously designed for 5 Litre containers. This durable, easy-to-use pump is the perfect accessory for your bustling café, milkshake bar, or any setting that calls for quick, mess-free dispensing. Crafted for efficiency, each pump delivers a precise 30ml of syrup, ensuring consistent flavour in every serving.

Ideal for use with JB Syrups’ extensive range of delightful milkshake flavours, this pump fits seamlessly onto any 5 Litre syrup container, making it an essential tool for fast-paced service environments. Whether you’re serving up classic chocolate, vibrant strawberry, or unique flavours like popcorn and bubblegum, this hand pump ensures you can keep up with demand while maintaining the quality your customers expect.

Say goodbye to spillage, waste, and the hassle of pouring. Upgrade to a 30ml Hand Pump for your 5 Litre containers and make every pump a smooth transition from container to cup.

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