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Stainless Steel – 1 litre Milk/Water container – RED


Daisy Vending Stainless Steel – Milk/Water container.  1 Litre capacity.




Don’t want to take a glass bottle!

These lightweight Stainless Steel bottles are just the thing.

Daisy Vending Stainless Steel – 1 litre Milk/Water container – RED

With a (food grade) silicone seal they are leakproof and being lightweight they are great for people on the move.

Capacity – 1 Litre     Width – 75mm     Height – 260mm (without cap)     Empty weight – 217g (with cap)

Eco-Friendly – re-useable

Wooden top (branded Daisy Vending)

This item is unlined – nothing to break when dropped.

Transportable – ideal when on the move, festivals, camping trips.

Available in a choice of colours

BUY NOW, for a limited period we will add a random flavour sample of JB Syrups milkshake syrup in with your container.


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Dimensions.75 × 2.6 cm