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Milkshake Syrup Gift Box Set

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Customisable Milkshake Syrup Gift Box Set – Pick Your Trio of Flavours! Delight in the luxury of choice with our Milkshake Syrup Gift Box Set, where you can select any three of our sensational flavours to create a personalised taste adventure. Each 250ml bottle is a gateway to a deliciously rich and creamy milkshake experience, perfect for any milkshake enthusiast or as a unique gift for a loved one.

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Whether you fancy the classic decadence of chocolate, the sunny sweetness of banana, the ripe burst of strawberry, or want to explore more adventurous tastes like popcorn, candyfloss, raspberry, or bubblegum, our gift set caters to all preferences. JB Syrups prides itself on offering over 47 flavours, and this gift box is your opportunity to mix and match, creating the ultimate milkshake sampler.

Ideal for use with any Daisy Vending milkshake vending machine, or as a delightful addition to your home kitchen, these syrups are designed to blend seamlessly into your milkshakes, offering a consistent and smooth flavour in every sip.

Invite someone special or treat yourself to the Milkshake Syrup Gift Box Set and dive into the irresistible world of JB Syrups, where flavour meets creativity.

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